Album artwork made by Killer Bee.

'DEVOTION' is not *technically* in the DEVOTION Trilogy, however, I still wanted to compile some loosies in between albums because people were asking me to put them on Spotify and I have no idea when 'DESTINY' will come out lmao. I would say it's like the B-Side to 'DESIRE', with songs like "MASCULIN ET FEMININ" originally slated for the album but I just couldn't figure out the mixing in time. The song still means a lot though, since it was really the first song that I wrote/produced/played myself in 2018. It took me like a year to complete it and I did over 500 takes for the vocals (and still came out like trash lmaoo sorry about that). This is also the first album I've made that hasn't used a sample as the main element to a track. It's still me having fun with guitar and continuing similar production elements from the last album. I made the album art with a stock image with chains cut out and placed all over, tying back into the themes of 'DESIRE'.

I called it 'DEVOTION' because I wanted to keep playing on the alliterative nature of the trilogy, but also because it signifies the incessant/toxic devotion I have for music. Devoting everything in myself to the craft, constantly searching for perfection and to become better. Hence the chains - feeling chained to music in an unhealthy way, yet the iridescent image allows it to superficially trick the listener. I liked the dichotomy between these two images, something cold and heavy like chains but flipping it to become light and bright among the image. The two sides to the process - the feeling of being chained down/the weight, as well as the lightness that comes from actually producing work that I'm proud of. The physical and the metaphysical. Anyway, I'm sure someone smarter than me can piece these themes together by listening to the music so I'll leave it at that. I hope you like it.

Love -


Production Credits:
All songs produced, mixed, and mastered by Killer Bee.
All lyrics written by Killer Bee.
All instruments played by Killer Bee.
Released in high-fidelity by GRNDPRX© 2020
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