Album artwork shot in New Jersey, c. 1997.

LNR_[01] is the first in a series of beat tapes I plan to make. The official title is 'Late Night Ramen', a nod to bsd.u's 'Late Night Bumps' series. The first installment consists of random loosies that didn't make it to Otaku, as well as newer demos that didn't make it to my next album. This is also why you might hear some familiar patterns. As I try to match a synth riff or vocal stab to the perfect track, I naturally re-use some of those elements in an effort to find its "home" so to speak. And since these have demos from before Otaku, you'll hear some familiar musical phrases, etc. So hopefully it doesn't sound unoriginal, but provides another insight into my music making process to the listener. And personally I think it's cool to hear how an artists' demos develop, where they re-use certain music elements etc. etc.

I originally didn't plan to release any of this music since I try strive as close to perfection as I can on my major releases, but Knx once said that there really isn't any reason to sit on any demos, which I agree with. I figured some people might enjoy listening to these demos. So this isn't an official album or anything, just a random beat tape that people can hopefully vibe to. Which is why I probably won't draw up a .txt file with all the sample information, inspirations, etc. like I usually do with my other albums or serious projects since the majority of the tracks were made in the 'Otaku' time frame. But who knows, if I get enough requests maybe I will. Since it's all for u.

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