Saturn - EP

Album artwork made by Killer Bee. Original art by Toei Animation.

Saturn - EP by Killer Bee

This album is the second in my Sailor series after 'Venus - EP'. I always viewed 'Venus' as my loveletter to lofi, and thought it would be the end of that chapter because as a human and artist, I knew it was only natural for me to grow and explore new genres and techniques. It's impossible to recapture the feeling/magic of a first project and I knew that if I forced myself to drop something similar to "Fantasy" it would flop and I wouldn't like it. So this project has been in the making since then, trying to re-contextualize what lofi means to me now and reconciling it with my obsession for minimalism.

Some of it was made during quarantine and during the BLM movement in 2020 after George Floyd's murder that is still going on today. During quarantine I felt trapped (as I'm sure so many of us did) so some of the songs reflect that and are just bursts of ideas - but bursts of ideas that I really loved. I also wanted to contribute what I could to the ongoing protests with music to help uplift Black people and other POC who have been murdered and face harassment by a power structure that routinely oppresses the most vulnerable in society. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Many other things also influenced the tape, too many to count as I have been working on it since 2016, but a few stick out to me:

Artists like David Rudnick, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tyler Mitchell, Genesis Tramaine, Kristina Micotti, and George Condo, Musicians like slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Playboi Carti, Playa, Hi-Five, jarjarjr, cumulus frisbee, eevee, Sur Stone, o k h o, Killer Mike, tajima hal, ∆KTR, Nujabes, Lil Mama, Wu-Tang Clan, Lil Uzi Vert, RADWIMPS, and so many more. Animes like Vinland Saga, Fruit Baskets, and Fate Zero, Movements like Black Lives Matter, Authors like James Baldwin and so much more that I plan to share on my next album 'DESTINY'.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me finish this album. Shouts to my family for supporting me, to all the people in the subreddit/discord, and most importantly to my fans and anyone who listens to my music. It's all for u.

Love - Bee

Credits All tracks mixed, mastered, and produced by Killer Bee.

Liner Notes

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