Venus - EP

Art by Toei Animation, edited by Killer Bee.

I named the genre Dream-Hop because I wanted to give it the dreamy feel of lo-fi with the hard drum patterns of hip-hop. Many things inspired the project: Anime (Sailor Moon, SAO), Japanese culture, Spirited Away, Nujabes, Maruchan ramen, sushi, Edinburgh, my muse Annasophia Robb, lofi producers (bsd.u, Entact, O K H O), vinyl records, and much more.

I wanted to make a standalone dream-hop album that people can just relax or do homework to. The cover art is inspired by a cassette tape, and it features Venus from the Japanese anime Sailor Moon which I used to love as a kid.

Finally, I'd like to thank my fellow ODT collective mates Melrose and RSTY, as well as Bernard Willis and Entact for providing dope verses and remixes. Thanks to the whole ONEDAYTHOUGH family, to my family for always supporting me, and thank you to the fans for giving me a reason to do all this.

- Bee

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