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Cop the V1 limited edition 24 x 36 poster of the alone_ album art, drawn by Matsuo Suehiro, edited by me. It has a gloss finish and will come with an option to have it signed. 

Free download of the album: https://prodbykillerbee.bandcamp.com/album/alone

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This album means a lot to me. First full length solo instrumental/beat album. Damn. It's been in the making officially for 7 months, unofficially since I was 16. I spent hours in that beat lab in the storage closet in the music wing. To Cole, Jake, and Mike thanks for giving me the confidence to continue by rapping on my shitty beats. To everyone who was ever in the lab, really. 

I don't like to write sappy things but if Take Care-era Drake taught me anything, it's worth giving an album a backstory and thanking those who helped you make it. I hope it doesn't come across as egotistical or delusional, or that I think it's perfect or anything. It's just been a long time coming and I always appreciated learning more about my favorite producers' work flow and inspiration via the pdf pamphlets that came with the project. I also believe one must fake it 'till you make it.

I officially started this project in the summer before my senior year in college. A lot of shit was happening. The album is a culmination of how I felt at the time, or how I've felt for a while. I wanted to make an intimate album. One that directly connected me to the listener. I think it's hard for an artist to directly connect to listeners because there is a lot of bureaucracy in music, blocking the personal process and removing the 'human' element. As an unsigned artist making music in my bedroom, I have a rare opportunity to directly connect with listeners. I hope the tone and visual aesthetics of the project convey some of the raw emotion that went into making it. There are no middle men yet, or advertisements. Streaming services, unwanted third party influence, PR reps, promoters, agents. I still control my soundcloud and twitter. There are no standards I have to live up to except for the ones that I create for myself.

For now, it's just me. And what I've felt these past few months: the fear of not getting a job, the guilt I feel for basically failing my parents after they paid for my education, the want to let go and just pursue music instead of getting a legitimate job in anything not music related. The fear of dying alone. The loneliness of not being loved by someone. The want to be liked by people. The want to be listened to on commutes to work or to be listened to at parties. The want to be famous and recognized (to a certain degree). And of course other things inspired this album: anime (Akame ga Kill, Deadman Wonderland, W Dimension), Japan, lofi hip hop (bsd.u, swum, lord apex), nujabes, knxwledge, J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Dev Hynes, The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, Rodeo by Travis Scott, 90's/2000's R&B (Joe, Donnell Jones, Floetry, Goapele), Motown (Brass Construction, The Manhattans), jazz (Robert Glasper, John Coltrane, Ramsey Lewis, Pharaoh Sanders), Janet Jackson, Ten City, Jodeci, Yuji Ohno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jean Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Suehiro Maruo, and hundreds of other things that have filtered their way into my music one way or the other. The album cover is a drawing by Suehiro Maruo that I edited, and thought it reflected the album nicely.

I don't know what the overall mood of the project is. There are some happy songs in there too. Most of all I just want people to enjoy it and vibe to it with friends. I want people to listen to it when they are happy, sad, in love, nostalgic, partying, skating, or anything in between. Music affects all of us differently and that's what I love about it. Just because a song may be sad or nostalgic for me, it may make someone else incredibly happy. This album was made to reflect how I feel. How I've felt since I broke up with my ex 4 years ago - alone. But also to connect to anyone who has ever felt alone too. Each song marks a moment that meant something to me (more of this in the other pdf). And I can't front. My family is incredibly supportive. The pressure of getting a real job sucks, but they love my music. My friends are also very supportive. And the fans I have are amazing. Slowly but surely, I'll affect everyone. I want to become the best.

Finally, I made the entirety of this album in my dorm room in college. I produced it, mixed it, created the visuals for my live shows, edited the artwork, sent it out to press etc. etc. Don't limit yourself. Pursue your passion, and learn everything you can about it. It should be an active pursuit. Don't wait for inspiration, search for it constantly. And to anyone feeling alone — just know that you're not. "Everybody is something to somebody" and if not, you're somebody to me. Thank you to everyone who supports me and helped make this album, especially Tim Cross, Hassan El Hobo, Justah Phase, and Burger for providing dope verses. Shout out to bsd.u for including me in the first lofi.hiphop forum compilation, and finally, thank you if you're reading this letter. I hope you like it.

- Bee


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